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  • Consultancy

The wealth of experience gained over the thirty years prior to 2000 working with many clients has given the staff of ECS a vast knowledge of implementing contract and accounting software in the construction industry, as well as the wider market place. Our expertise extends beyond mere product knowledge and implementation skills. Having worked in a customer facing environment, ECS can draw on their strong business knowledge to ensure that any solution matches as closely as possible, to the client's requirements.

  • Business Systems Analysis

The staff of ECS have previously drawn on their knowledge of the Construction Industry to produce design documentation following a requirements gathering exercise. ECS have their own style of documentation but are more than happy to abide by customer's styles and standards.
We all know how important it is to get an agreement between the business and IT on what is required and how it will be developed and delivered. ECS can be instrumental in documenting the business requirement and converting this into technical requirements and specifications before any coding begins.

  • Implementation

ECS staff have implemented software solutions in a wide variety of client environments, from small 6-8 user systems to corporate solutions used by >100 users. ECS can provide a comprehensive service from software configuration to end-user training and support operations. ECS staff have technical skills in both Unix and Windows technologies. Please take a look at some of our Development Products

  • Systems Integration

No packaged software solution can fulfil 100% of client requirements and there are always gaps in terms of information storage and retrieval. One of our greatest assets is our experience in providing MIS and Reporting solutions using third-party tools.
It might be that an SQL (Microsoft SQL, Informix, Oracle) routine provides the answer. Unix shell scripting might enhance capabilities or legacy systems need to integrate with more modern solutions. These types of solutions are meat and drink to ECS. There is today a great demand to integrate data from enterprise-wide systems into PC Desktop products and Internet/Intranet tools. ECS can provide the answers. Because we have in-depth knowledge of both the tools which manipulate, and the database technologies which provide the information, the development of accurately focused solutions is a real and economic prospect. There really isn't the need to spend vast sums on obtaining a workable and relevant reporting framework for your business.
Please take a look at some of the tools we could use in our Development Products page

  • Training

Because we have so much experience in the above areas, who better to fulfil your training needs. ECS have conducted many end-user training courses in all aspects of the application software within our wide scope of experience. Both of us have strong track records of providing quality training, explaining complex software requirements with strong, relevant business examples.

  • Support

Others might refer to this more grandly as "Facility Management". We will gladly discuss your requirements, whether it be a short-term emergency to provide holiday cover, or whether it be a longer term agreement to provide a structured support role. Our experience in working in diverse client environments means that we are well placed to provide a reliable backup for your own key staff.

  • Management

We have experience of running projects in their entirety, from project scoping to sign-off, either as individuals or as team leaders. We can therefore manage a project for you, either using ECS skills or those of third party suppliers and/or subcontractors. We would be pleased to hear from you about planned projects, so why not fill out an enquiry?